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Paul Sawyer, famously known as Chop Top, is one of Leatherface's brothers who appears in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 as the secondary antagonist.


It is explained by Tobe Hooper that Chop Top was in Vietnam at the time of the first film. It is in Vietnam where Chop Top receives his head wound by a "lucky gook with a machete". Chop Top has a pale skin tone, much like that of an albino.

Tobe Hooper stated on the audio commentary for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, that Chop Top's character was originally that of The Hitchhiker, who had a metal plate grafted onto his skull after the events of the 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and was referred to as "Plate-Head", but the character later evolved into his twin, Chop Top. For whatever reason, some people believed his name to be "Robert" in reality. This is, in fact, wrong. There is a scene is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 where Drayton finds something and yells out for Chop Top, but doesn't call him that (nobody does in-film). Instead, he looks over his shoulder to Chop Top and yells out "Hey, PAUL!" This can only mean Chop Top's true birth name is in fact Paul Sawyer. No evidence points to the name Robert.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2[]

Paul "Chop Top" Sawyer first appears alongside Leatherface in a pickup truck. Together they attack a pair of drunk motorists who are in a smaller car on a bridge. Chop Top and Leatherface kill the two men, not realizing that their attack on the drivers was being recorded at a radio station the two drunken men had called using a car phone prior to the attack. When DJ Vanita "Stretch" Brock plays the recording of Chop Top and Leatherface's attack on the drivers over the radio, the two brothers break into the radio station with the intention of killing Vanita, but the brothers' plan is not carried out. Leatherface, having become infatuated with Vanita, tricks Chop Top into believing he has killed her. When the two leave the station, they take an injured co-worker of Vanita's with them.

When Chop Top and brother Drayton discover that Vanita is still alive after finding her in the Sawyer family's home in an abandoned amusement park called the Texas Battle Land, which Chop Top bought using government checks, the brothers hold her captive and decide to let the decrepit patriarch of the Sawyer family, Grandpa, kill her with Chop Top's help. Vanita is saved when protagonist Lieutenant "Lefty" Enright arrives and engages Leatherface in a chainsaw duel. The battle between the Sawyers and Lefty reaches a climax when a hand grenade, set off by Drayton, explodes and kills Grandpa, Lefty, Drayton and Leatherface, as well as presumably destroying the puppet-like corpse of Nubbins Sawyer.

Narrowly escaping the grenade explosion, Chop Top follows Vanita to the top of the Matterhorn attraction in the Texas Battle Land, which the Sawyers converted into a shrine known as "Chainsaw Heaven". Slashing Vanita and himself several times with a straight razor, Chop Top is finally subdued when Vanita stumbles upon the mummified corpse of Grandma Sawyer and tears a chainsaw out of the corpse's hands. In the ensuing struggle, Vanita slashes Chop Top across the abdomen with the chainsaw and sends him plummeting into the ruins of Texas Battle Land, down a pipe and directly to his doom. He is presumed dead, but an unfinished, though still recorded film entitled "All-American Massacre" shows Chop Top to be alive and well, and also in prison for his actions. He's being interviewed, a-la Charlie Manson, about his family, their crimes before and during the films, as well as what happened to him after the events of Part 2. The film was an official spin-off of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Part 2, but it was never completed, and to this day, Bill Moseley is still trying to find a way to get it finished. Fans have made the incomplete film into a sort of urban legend over time, creating new and interesting, if false, stories as to why the film didn't get made. Stories range from government intervention to profiteering cover-ups. The reality is the film ran out of funds and lacked a distributor, so the film is shelved for now, though it would seem it's not completely cancelled.